ValuEngine Stock Research Performance Update 2020

Happy Holidays to all from!  2020 has been a stunning year for ValuEngine regarding performance. It has of course been a tough year in all other respects, and we are all ready to leave 2020 behind for so many reasons.   However, at least we can offer some general performance numbers and be satisfied knowing that the users of ValuEngine financial research were able to financially navigate this strange, difficult year successfully.

Investars ( is a truly independent company that monitors and tracks the performance of financial research providers such as ValuEngine. A data feed sends all of ValuEngine’s buy/hold/sell recommendations to Investars to be tracked, and performance is computed daily.

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ValuEngine is the top rated of the 13 financial firms in the quantitative category. Place your cursor on the report below to scroll down and see the entire list.

201221 Investars ValuEngine rankings


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