ValuEngine Downgrades Pandora

For today’s bulletin, we take a look at Pandora $P. We also provide a link to download a FREE STOCK REPORT on the company.

VALUATION WATCH: Overvalued stocks now make up 51.22% of our stocks assigned a valuation and 19.69% of those equities are calculated to be overvalued by 20% or more. Ten sectors are calculated to be overvalued.
Pandora Media, Inc. (P) operates as a provider of Internet radio in the United States. It provides services to traditional computers, smartphones, such as Android phones, Blackberry phones and the iPhone. When a listener enters a single song, artist, composer or genre to start a station, its mathematical algorithms combine the genes cataloged with individual and collective feedback to suggest songs and build personalized playlists. The Company also offers advertising solutions addressing advertising markets: online display, rich media and video, mobile and broadcast radio. Pandora Media, Inc., formerly known as Savage Beast Technologies Incorporated, is based in Oakland, California.

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Here we again have an industry leader that has fallen on hard times–an all too common story in the tech world. Pandora, an originator in the field of streaming music, has consistently lost market share and cache to newer, “hipper” competitors such as Spotify.

The issue here is choice, or rather a lack of it. While Spotify allows users to program their own playlists and listen to songs on demand, Pandora uses music users “like” to provide more content algorithmically. It’s more like a non-controllable radio station than something with which you can DJ a party. And that difference seems to be dooming Pandora despite a blizzard of partnerships and a constant stream of press releases.

As you can tell from our long-term chart below, we have not found much to love here, and our default position has been SELL for years. We have once again downgraded the stock.

VALUENGINE RECOMMENDATION: ValuEngine updated its recommendation from HOLD to SELL for PANDORA MEDIA on 2018-07-10. Based on the information we have gathered and our resulting research, we feel that PANDORA MEDIA has the probability to UNDERPERFORM average market performance for the next year. The company exhibits UNATTRACTIVE Book Market Ratio and P/E Ratio.

You can download a free copy of detailed report on Pandora Media, Inc. (P) from the link below.

ValuEngine Forecast
1-Month 7.69 -0.56%
3-Month 7.71 -0.31%
6-Month 7.46 -3.43%
1-Year 7.21 -6.72%
2-Year 6.06 -21.58%
3-Year 5.25 -32.07%
Valuation & Rankings
Valuation 10.94% undervalued Valuation Rank(?) 73
1-M Forecast Return -0.56% 1-M Forecast Return Rank 15
12-M Return -11.66% Momentum Rank(?) 18
Sharpe Ratio -0.30 Sharpe Ratio Rank(?) 25
5-Y Avg Annual Return -16.96% 5-Y Avg Annual Rtn Rank 22
Volatility 56.05% Volatility Rank(?) 29
Expected EPS Growth 31.30% EPS Growth Rank(?) 63
Market Cap (billions) 1.61 Size Rank 67
Trailing P/E Ratio n/a Trailing P/E Rank(?) 13
Forward P/E Ratio n/a Forward P/E Ratio Rank n/a
PEG Ratio 0.21 PEG Ratio Rank 75
Price/Sales 1.09 Price/Sales Rank(?) 67
Market/Book 35.52 Market/Book Rank(?) 5
Beta -0.69 Beta Rank 93
Alpha -0.05 Alpha Rank 46


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Steve Hach
Senior Editor