ValuEngine Weekly Update 03/13/2020

ValuEngine Market Valuation update for the week of March 06, 2020. We just went through one of the ugliest weeks in recent memory for the markets. It may be tough to hear, but ValuEngine models are fully in love with the markets at these prices. With a purely quantitative, numbers driven analysis, ValuEngine can’t properly analyze how Coronavirus and fear play exactly into overall market performance. We can however run the numbers and see how undervalued stocks currently are, based on data like past and future earnings with correlations to current prices, interest rate correlations, momentum and price reversal data, and many other things. 94% of all stocks covered are now undervalued according to ValuEngine models. It is possible markets could drop further, but it is also impossible to pick exactly the bottom and recoveries happen quickly.

Keep an eye out for a planned post next week summarizing how ValuEngine Capital is positioning portfolio holdings at these low market levels. ValuEngine Capital is a financial advisory firm that invests client funds using the research.

All data on 16 sectors, 140 industries, and 5,000 stocks are fully updated. Read on for the full update and stock pick.


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