ValuEngine Weekly Update 03/20/2020

This week we would like to provide some thoughts on how ValuEngine Capital Management is positioning clients in the current markets. (VECM is a Financial Advisory Firm that manages client funds based on the research).

Markets will rebound eventually. Recoveries can be quick, VECM is the first to admit that it is impossible to call market bottoms at times like these, and markets can drop further. But it is possible to position portfolios in trying times by staying informed. Below are a few small examples of things ValuEngine Capital has done within its numerous portfolio options for investors. VECM does hold each of the below currently and reserves the right to sell any position without further notification. Any prices listed below are at the time of the writing of this post.

For the less risky investors:

Amazon (ticker AMZN) has been remarkably stable. It will rise when markets recover.

Powershares QQQ Trust (ticker QQQ) is based on the Nasdaq. It has been the best performing of the major indexes so far.

American Water Works (ticker AWK) has been in the VECM portfolios for years. It is a fantastic long term position that can be purchased at a great price currently.

iShares Barclays Aggregate Bond Fund (ticker AGG) pays nearly a 3% dividend yield currently.

For the risk takers: There are some stocks out there that have been beat up more than their fair share. There is continued risk for these, but the current prices are very attractive.

Boeing (ticker BA) is under $100 currently. It may be a long road, but given time will perform.

Wayfair (ticker W) is down from over $170 to just under $27 currently.

Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (ticker GBTC) is an easy way to invest in Bitcoin as it a stock. Bitcoin had a dramatic and quick price drop that was likely not related to the Corona Virus. Its on its way back up already. But ALWAYS a risky investment.

Weight Watchers (ticker WW) from over $45 to under $16 today.

Please reach out to ValuEngine Capital at if you have any questions or comments.

All data on 16 sectors, 140 industries, and 5,000 stocks are fully updated. Read on for the full update and stock pick.


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