ValuEngine Weekly Update 05/22/2020

The total number of stocks undervalued by ValuEngine’s quant models has dropped below 70%, from a high of 92% at the end of March. It is a stock pickers environment, as some stocks will do well while others struggle in the new world environment. Caution and balancing investments between some stocks that are at historically fantastic prices (and risk) with more stable choices is key. Our partner ValuEngine Capital Management is balancing investor portfolios with placements into both conservative and risky portfolios.

For example, the ValuEngine Conservative portfolio was up 4.11% last month while the risky ValuEngine View portfolio was up 22.7%. A year’s worth of returns in a month for the View, but it comes at high risk and should be combined inside a truly diversified portfolio that includes multiple strategies. That can help protect investors should the markets turn down again.

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