ValuEngine Weekly Update 09/28/2020

Volatile Markets continue, but are up overall over the past week. That is good. However, this high volatility is worrisome, and with the election coming, anything can happen. What to do? ValuEngine always recommends diverse stock holdings with some growth oriented stocks combined with stable stocks and ETF’s. ValuEngine does now cover over 500 ETF’s. In uncertain times like this the stress should be on the conservative, stable side of your portfolio. Do not invest in just a couple of stocks, this kind of volatility can murder a portfolio with too few holdings. ValuEngine’s research indicates 15 stock holdings is adequate for the typical investor. Our stock picks of the week are typically aggressive picks, in the news, or otherwise ‘interesting’ stock picks and for the most part do not represent the more conservative aspect mentioned here. For that, use to seek out highly rated large cap stocks that pay a dividend, or ETF’s such as ones that trade the Utilities sector or other more conservative sectors and industries.

Better yet, talk to an advisor at for specific suggestions based on your needs.

All of the approximately 5,000 stocks, 16 sector groups, and 140 industries have been updated on Details and the weekly stock pick are below.

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