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For today’s bulletin, we take a look at our latest top-five STRONG BUY upgrade list and provide a link to download a FREE STOCK REPORT on Barclays Bank ADR (BCS)

VALUATION WATCH: Overvalued stocks now make up 64.22% of our stocks assigned a valuation and 25.65% of those equities are calculated to be overvalued by 20% or more. Fifteen sectors are calculated to be overvalued.

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For today’s edition of our upgrade list, we used our website’s advanced screening functions to search for UPGRADES to BUY or STRONG BUY with complete forecast and valuation data. They are presented by one-month forecast return. Lannett, Inc. (LCI) is our top-rated upgrade this week and it is a STRONG BUY. It is fluctuating just on the limit between BUY and STRONG BUY (it was also the top-rated upgrade last week.) Barclays ADR and Bancolombia ADR are also rated STRONG BUY. Our other upgrades shown below this week are BUY-rated stocks.

Ticker Company Name Market Price Valuation Last 12-M Return 1-M Forecast Return 1-Yr Forecast Return P/E Ratio Sector Name
LCI LANNETT INC 21.45 -44.95% 17.15% 1.18% 14.15% 6.60 Medical
CIB BANCOLOMBIA-ADR 39.37 -22.52% 25.06% 1.14% 13.67% 10.87 Finance
BCS BARCLAY PLC-ADR 11.26 -11.15% 28.69% 1.09% 13.07% 11.87 Finance
TIVO TIVO CORP 18.05 -18.74% -8.88% 0.51% 6.13% 10.54 Computer and Technology
FSM FORTUNA SILVER 5.02 -6.55% 32.80% 0.50% 6.04% 21.51 Basic Materials

Because Lannett, Inc. (LCI) was featured last week, we will check out one of our other top STRONG BUY upgrades, Barclays ADR (BCS). Barclays PLC operates in commercial and investment banking, insurance, financial and other related services. Barclays subsidiary, Barclays Bank PLC maintains 2500 branches in the United Kingdom and 1000 branches in over 75 other countries.

ValuEngine likes the stock due to its strong one-year forecast target price of $12.73–and increase of more than 13%. Morgan Stanley upgraded the company to “Overweight” recently, but other analysts remain less optimistic. The stock is trading slightly below its 52-week high ($12.05) but has climbed significantly above its 52-week low ($6.76).

When Barclay’s announced their 2016 and Q4 2016 results in February, they recorded revenue of $6.24 billion and earnings of $0.21/share. That revenue figure represented a bad miss, with the company missing analyst estimates by more than 75%.

In the aftermath of the Bush recession of 2008, the company has been engaged in a long-term restructuring plan. The company claims the plan has been going well, and that their new emphasis is on US and UK business. CEO Jes Staley recently stated that the bank “[has] accomplished a lot in a year.” He added that the bank will soon move on from its recent restructuring and will “[shift] focus solely to the future, and in particular to how we can generate attractive, sustainable, and distributable returns for our shareholders.”

Below is today’s data on Barclays ADR (BCS):

VALUENGINE RECOMMENDATION: ValuEngine updated its recommendation from BUY to STRONG BUY for BARCLAY PLC-ADR on 2017-03-24. Based on the information we have gathered and our resulting research, we feel that BARCLAY PLC-ADR has the probability to OUTPERFORM average market performance for the next year. The company exhibits ATTRACTIVE Company Size and Book Market Ratio.

You can download a free copy of detailed report on Barclays ADR (BCS) from the link below.


ValuEngine Forecast
1-Month 11.38 1.09%
3-Month 11.29 0.23%
6-Month 11.33 0.64%
1-Year 12.73 13.07%
2-Year 10.41 -7.53%
3-Year 9.61 -14.66%
Valuation & Rankings
Valuation 11.15% undervalued Valuation Rank(?) 79
1-M Forecast Return 1.09% 1-M Forecast Return Rank 98
12-M Return 28.69% Momentum Rank(?) 70
Sharpe Ratio -0.20 Sharpe Ratio Rank(?) 33
5-Y Avg Annual Return -6.61% 5-Y Avg Annual Rtn Rank 35
Volatility 32.34% Volatility Rank(?) 50
Expected EPS Growth 24.43% EPS Growth Rank(?) 61
Market Cap (billions) 46.44 Size Rank 98
Trailing P/E Ratio 11.87 Trailing P/E Rank(?) 88
Forward P/E Ratio 9.54 Forward P/E Ratio Rank 88
PEG Ratio 0.49 PEG Ratio Rank 61
Price/Sales 1.60 Price/Sales Rank(?) 55
Market/Book 0.54 Market/Book Rank(?) 91
Beta 1.16 Beta Rank 31
Alpha -0.06 Alpha Rank 32


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