ValuEngine Weekly Update 03/27/2020

Markets continue with very high volatility. But at least this week there have been several days of strong recovery, including the strongest daily return for the Dow since 1933. This post is written Friday morning, and is based on Thursdays closing prices. The worst of the corona virus is not yet here, and there is … Read moreValuEngine Weekly Update 03/27/2020

ValuEngine Weekly Update 03/06/2020

ValuEngine Market Valuation update for the week of March 06, 2020. Markets continue high volatility. All sector groups are undervalued according to ValuEngine models. There are alot of buying opportunities out there for the risk taker at current levels (S&P 500 below 3,000). Stock of the week is Sarepta Therapeutics Inc (SRPT). All data on … Read moreValuEngine Weekly Update 03/06/2020

ValuEngine Weekly Update 10/11/2019

ValuEngine Market Valuation update for the week of October 11, 2019. Strong Buy stock pick for the week is ticker WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc). This stock has doubled since ValuEngine first upgraded it to a buy. High market volatility continues, read on for fully updated numbers, and more on this stock pick. As always … Read moreValuEngine Weekly Update 10/11/2019