ValuEngine Weekly Update 03/27/2020

Markets continue with very high volatility. But at least this week there have been several days of strong recovery, including the strongest daily return for the Dow since 1933. This post is written Friday morning, and is based on Thursdays closing prices. The worst of the corona virus is not yet here, and there is a long way to go. For now, sell on the good days, and buy after pull backs with at least part of available funds. Last weeks post was extremely successful, as many of the positions listed in the 3/20/2020 post for the risk takers had huge returns the past few days. Amazon (AMZN) continues to show much more stability than the major indexes and is more suitable for a buy and hold approach to this mess.

All data on 16 sectors, 140 industries, and 5,000 stocks are fully updated. Read on for the full update and stock pick. All numbers listed are as of Thursday closing prices.


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Paul Henneman | President/CEO | | ValuEngine, Inc