ValuEngine Weekly Update 08/28/2020

The utilities sector moves up another spot, and is now the second best sector according to the ValuEngine valuation models. This typically happens when markets are too high, as utility stocks are historically a relatively safe place to be in risky times. They are less volatile on average, and pay dividends. Since the beginning of … Read moreValuEngine Weekly Update 08/28/2020

ValuEngine Weekly Update 8/7/2020

The Utilities sector moves up another spot and is now the third best valued overall sector group based on ValuEngine models. The stock pick of the week is DNACF (DeNA Co., Ltd.) The company develops and operates mobile and online services which includes games, e-commerce, entertainment, healthcare, automotive and other diversified offerings. DeNA Co., Ltd. … Read moreValuEngine Weekly Update 8/7/2020

ValuEngine Weekly Update 07/24/2020

The Utilities sector continues its slow, steady march up the ValuEngine Sector group valuation ranks. This sector group is now the fourth best in terms of overall valuation, out of the total 16 sector groups. But we chose the weekly stock pick from a different sector, ticker AZUL. Azul SA is a holding company for … Read moreValuEngine Weekly Update 07/24/2020

ValuEngine Weekly Update 7/10/2020

There has been steady shifts over the past few months in ValuEngine’s overall sector valuations. The Utilities sector has been moving up the ranks, and is now the fifth most attractive sector based on overall valuations. Utilities was one of the most overvalued sectors just a few months ago. As market risk continues to increase, … Read moreValuEngine Weekly Update 7/10/2020

ValuEngine Weekly Update 11/08/2019

ValuEngine Market Valuation update for the week of November 8, 2019. Strong Buy pick is ticker FCX ( Freeport-McMoRan Inc). For the first time in many months the Utilities Sector has moved up the list in overall Sector valuations. We present the numbers and which sector groups have fallen behind. As always all stock, sector, … Read moreValuEngine Weekly Update 11/08/2019

ValuEngine Weekly Update 06/14/2019

ValuEngine Market Valuation update for the week of June 7, 2019. Stock pick of the week is ticker DATA (Tableau Software). Utilities and Computers/Technology most overvalued sectors. Read on for updated numbers. to log in, or free two-week full trial. Over 5,000 stocks, 16 sector groups, 140 plus industries covered every day. Subscribers log in HERE … Read moreValuEngine Weekly Update 06/14/2019

ValuEngine Weekly Update 05/24/2019

ValuEngine Market Valuation update for the week of May 24, 2019. Stock pick of the week is ticker TEAM (Atlassian Corporation). Sector Valuations updated across all 16 sector groups. Read on for most undervalued sector and stock pick for this week. to log in, or free two-week full trial. Over 5,000 stocks, 16 sector groups, … Read moreValuEngine Weekly Update 05/24/2019

ValuEngine Weekly

Market Valuations improved after pull back this week, with 62% of the stocks covered now undervalued compared to 38% overvalued. Strong Buy stock ticker: W (Wayfair). Oils-Energy continues as most undervalued sector, caution with Utilities. All 16 Sector Groups listed with average valuations. ValuEngine covers over 5,000 stocks in all 16 Sector groups every week. … Read moreValuEngine Weekly

ValuEngine Weekly: Utilities Stocks, Nintendo, and More

This week, we provide top-five ranked VE data for our Utilities Sector stocks. We take a look at our latest data on Nintendo NTDOY$ and provide a free download link for our stock report on the company. VALUATION WATCH: Overvalued stocks now make up 56.27% of our stocks assigned a valuation and 21.45% of those … Read moreValuEngine Weekly: Utilities Stocks, Nintendo, and More